Events 2022 - 2023


IFAT is an international event held in Munich. It is the global leading fair for water management, sewage, wastes and row materials. It is held every two years and, since its foundation in 1966, it consolidated as the sector’s meeting point. Exhibitors show strategies, solutions, products and innovations for a sustainable use of resources in industrialized countries, as well as the proper technology for emerging and developing countries.

The fair deals with issues from sewage and gas treatment to drainage techniques and soil preparation. The main topic of the fair is modern environmental technology for the future, since environmental damage is increasingly getting larger. This situation must be dealt globally, as it is due to the continuous increase of industry and resources exploitation. Thus, the IFAT constitutes an information and communication platform with forums, country promotion, conferences and especial events. In addition, live exhibitions take place in the outdoors area of the fair.