The observatory es.BIM, aimed to analyze the integration of the BIM requirements in the bidding documents both at a quantitative and a qualitative level, reflects the analyzed results of 517 public biddings on its seventh report, including the BIM requirements in their bidding documents and which have been published since 2017, what implies a cumulative total investment of 1532.7 million Euros. 

The analyzed data show that the total amount of public biddings in the first semester of 2019is close to the total amount of the year 2018, as it amounts to 195 and 216 respectively, what means the 38% of the total biddings published up to the date (517). These biddings published in 2019 involve a total investment of 843.3 million Euros, a value which practically doubles the total investment in 2018 (424.81 million Euros). 

The Autonomous level keeps being the greatest catalyst as it publishes a greater amount of biddings, amounting to a total of 279 published biddings with BIM requirements, which implies more that the half of the cumulative total. In terms of investment, 591.1 million Euros have been invested, that is, the 55% of the total cumulative investment since 2017. At a State level, the 21% of the total was invested, amounting to a total of 224.9 million Euros. 

In the distribution per Autonomous Communities, regarding the total cumulative number of biddings we find Catalonia (41%)the Valencian Community (13%)Madrid and Andalusia (both with a 9%). Where as concerning the total of the investment, we find Canarias (34%), Catalonia (23), the Basque Country and the Valencian Community (both with an 8%) 

Among the percentages of these indicators within the cumulative total, the definition of BIM deliverables stands out against the uses. The 65% of the biddings published with BIM requirements define any BIM deliverable, where as the 51% define any use. The requirement to use open formats (45%) is also remarkable. 

For that reason, Hidroten keeps working with this technological tool and updating its BIM product families for project management.


*Source: Observatory of Biddings. Analysis of the integration of BIM Requirements in the Spanish Public Bidding. Report 03 First semester 2019. es.BIM