The Hidroten SA aware of the importance of quality as a strategic factor in the competitiveness of our company and the Environment as environment protection, establishes the following Policy quality and Environment that identifies us as a responsible company and involved in the continuous improvement of its performance, ensuring the quality and efficiency of all our processes and products, so that we generate in our customers confidence and satisfaction in meeting their needs and expectations and respect for the environment, minimizing the environmental impact of the activity of our company.


To achieve this purpose, the Directorate of Hidroten SA , declares its commitment and responsibility in the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of a management system integrated quality and environment it based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 "Systems Quality Management Requirements." and the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 "environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use "focused on the adoption and achievement of actions to:

Ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are determined to transform them into requirements and, through compliance, achieve their satisfaction.
Derivatives assess environmental aspects of our current activities and new activities to be incorporated in order to prevent or minimize impacts its aspects.
Create and maintain awareness of all staff Hidroten SA , on the importance of meeting customer requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements affecting quality and environment.
Comply with environmental legislation that is applicable to us both present and future in the municipal, regional, national and European level. It promises to track and update.
Regularly set goals, environmental goals and quality and define the indicators needed to measure and monitor them.
Identify, understand and systematically manage all processes and environmental aspects necessary to achieve planned objectives and meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory both environmental quality.
Allocate human resources and technical means at any time, to implement and improve processes and to the attainment of objectives.
Once the shelf life of the products manufactured by Hidroten, they become inert products, so they are not considered dangerous and must be managed by a competent and authorized manager for its correct reprocessing.

Download our certificate Environmental Management System here.



Create an environment conducive to promoting quality and respect for the environment climate that allows enhance the participation of all staff in achieving the objectives of the organization and continuous improvement in terms of quality and environmental management.

Provide all staff training needed both to improve skills in the environment of the workplace, respecting the environment and manage waste and to achieve a better understanding of integrated management system of quality and environment atmosphere.

Answer all dissatisfactions made by customers in the form of complaints and track your satisfaction, to guide the objectives and goals of the organization to the client.

Systematically collect and analyze the necessary data (customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, audit results, nonconforming product, complaints, supplier evaluation, environmental assessment, legal requirements, etc.) to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system integrated quality and environment and thus implement appropriate measures to achieve continuous improvement actions.

Enhance collaboration with suppliers to increase responsiveness to customers and optimize costs and resources and to foster respect for the environment.

Reduce the environmental impacts of the materials, processes and facilities. By minimizing waste, reducing emissions and preventing pollution to levels technically and economically feasible whenever possible.

The Department convenes and agrees to all staff equally, for compliance with policy Quality and environment and achieving the targets set.

Sincerely: Mr. Ginés Ten


Quality and Environment Policy


La conservación medioambiental
como elemento distintivo


Hidroten S.A. trabaja por afianzar día a día su posicionamiento como empresa comprometida contra el Cambio Climático, la promoción del ahorro energético, la racionalización del uso y la gestión del agua, la prevención de la contaminación y la protección del medio natural.

Asimismo, la compañía se encuentra en búsqueda activa de soluciones innovadoras que permitan estar a la vanguardia de los estándares ambientales más avanzados.




El uso responsable de los recursos forma parte de la estrategia ambiental de la empresa.
Por ello, desde Hidroten S.A. queremos transmitir la reducción de consumos del 2018 con respecto al del ejercicio del 2017.


La reducción del consumo eléctrico ha sido el camino más fácil para reducir las emisiones de CO2 (dióxido de carbono) a la atmósfera y, así, combatir el calentamiento global del planeta y el cambio climático.

La reducción del consumo de bolsas de plástico ha llevado a disminuir el enorme impacto de estas sobre el Medioambiente debido a su baja biodegradabilidad. Asimismo, las bolsas presentan una cierta ligereza provocando daños de forma directa a la flora y fauna.