For Hidroten, the environmental challenge represents a business opportunity that must be taken advantage of, which is why we identify as a proactive company when it comes to environmental issues, and we make it our responsibility to improve our environmental impact and increase our knowledge and awareness as it threatens our own existence in the long run.

We try to anticipate new regulations and acquire industrial technology that goes beyond what environmental regulations require. Responsible use of available resources is the most important part of our company's environmental strategy.

The company expanded to a greater level its awareness and vision of the environmental aspects by taking a deep look at its interaction with the environment, which involved conducting an analysis of risks and opportunities of the organization with respect to sustainability, GHG emissions, relationship with potential environmental groups, local entities, natural environment, etc., all based on the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

Carrying out this objective with maximum responsibility, three basic objectives were set:

The reduction of electricity consumption, which consists of spreading good practices among workers focused on reducing electricity consumption, especially in relation to injection machines and peripherals.

The reduction of cardboard boxes consumption that contributes to decreasing the damages in the ecosystems, climatic problems and global temperature imbalance.

The reduction in the consumption of industrial lubricating oil by transmitting our values to our operators and those responsible with the use of oils for machinery, contributes to minimizing the risk of contaminating the air, water and soil with substances that threaten the environment.

Hidroten initiatives involve working on performance results with tangible data and indicators: kg of waste/production units, discharges/u. production, etc.

The incorporation of the most advanced technology machines in addition to providing lower energy consumption, reflects the deep environmental commitment to the environment and in addition to complying with current regulations UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Precisely, they have just inaugurated a new productive warehouse of 850 m2 where 11 injection machines endowed with the latest technology, a refrigeration system and compressed air are concentrated, as well as a 5T overhead crane.

Hidroten area has 14,000 m2 and the machine park has a total of 56 injection machines, which range from 45 T to 1,000 T, in addition, Hidroten will soon have the incorporation of a new 2,100T machine.

Our company is actively seeking innovative solutions that allow us to be at the forefront of the most advanced environmental standards.