Currently, the agri-food Industry of canned vegetables and pickles is on the rise and works constantly to offer the highest quality to the demanding consumers.

It is obvious that the visual aspect of food that is packaged as a whole, the size, shape, color, etc., make them more or less attractive for consumption and therefore for sale. In “whole” canning, the presence of damages can  cause a rejection or a transfer to an inferior quality range or to canned, chopped, shredded or processed food section.

The visual aspect must be accompanied by good organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, for example, in the case of table olives, they must have a medium fat content, small and smooth pit that allows easy detachment, delicate and tasty pulp and also present fine, uniform and uncut skin. For this, the varieties that best contribute to the final product are selected.

In the canning Industry it is very important to handle food throughout all processes to avoid damages and contamination that may alter its properties. For this, they have technical and automated facilities to guarantee the safety and quality of the final product.

As a contribution to the development of the agri-food Industry, Hidroten has developed, the range of Full Bore Ball Valves in PVC-U for food use. These valves have been designed so that the internal passage is completely smooth, without edges and completely aligned with the internal diameter of the pipe on which it is installed, in this way the food that is transported in suspension of liquids, as is the case of table olives and pickles, will not suffer any kind of damages during their passage.

This year Hidroten has expanded the range up to diameter 160 (DN 150) with the XXL FULL BORE Ball Valve in PVC-U, with its fully machined interior with flange connection. 

With this new addition, Hidroten becomes the main companies that manufactures these valves, positioning itself internationally among the leading manufacturing industries.