AINIA researchers took part in the report "Comerse el mundo" on the environmental program of the channel La 2 (TVE) "Reduce tu huella" where initiatives are taken to stop the waste of food and to introduce new sustainable ingredients in our diet.

Among other projects, they are working on the development of microalgae for food use, as they contain a large amount of nutrients and health properties. Furthermore, their cultivation is sustainable and low cost, which makes them one of the possible solutions to the challenge of feeding the estimated 11.000 million of human beings expected for the end of the century.

At the 38th minute of the report, an interesting microalgae cultivation installation appeared, where the Hidroten SNS System stands out.

The marine environment is perfect for applying the SNS®, mainly due to its optimum resistance to corrosion caused by saltpeter, as well as providing great advantages over traditional systems, such as the great facility of installation and removal processes due to its modularity, operability and performance. All this leads to significant savings in time and materials.

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