The low temperatures and frost of these days caused  by the storm Filomena can be a problem for agricultural farms, which leads us to the 'Compact' ball valves, a perfect element to work in the hardest conditions.

They have a compact body with a two-piece design and integrated outlets that provide great robustness. On the other hand, they are manufactured in GFRP, which guarantees magnificent chemical, mechanical and UV resistance. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to handle in any circumstances.

The rest of the "Compact" threaded ball valves range in Ø 2 1/2" and 3", incorporates a newly designed double handle with trigger.
In addition, the body’s design allows the installation of electric or pneumatic actuators in a simple way.

Main features:

  • Double handle with trigger.
  • Made of GFRP.  
  • Easy installation of electrical or pneumatic actuators
  • Anti-theft device.
  • PN10.
  • Resistant to frost.


Our technical team gives us the following tips to protect the installations from possible breakdowns that could be caused by cold and frost: 

  • Empty all elements that could be damaged by freezing water: pipes, filters, solenoids, meters, hydraulic valve chambers, air valves, etc. Also Dismantle and remove the ones that may be damaged.
  • If the installation cannot be emptied, it is advisable to put the elements in boxes to protect them or cover them with thermal blankets or other insulating materials. It is also recommended to leave ball and butterfly valves a little opened to avoid water freezing and cracking.
  • In the case of recurrent frost zones for the most exposed parts, use materials that are tension resistant. Advising  the use of anti-freeze valves made entirely of GFPP, polyethylene pipes that support expansion better, etc.