The sector of landscaping and architecture currently has many possibilities in its projects, among them vertical gardens for outdoor and indoor areas, which some years back were of little importance. 

Vertical gardens have become a well-established trend in the design of outdoor and indoor spaces, and are included more and more in architecture projects. Buildings are not exclusively architectural works with straight lines any more, but have started to fill with gardens and vegetation, which sometimes cover a great part of them, thus acquiring a character of aesthetic lure. We refer to an article on the 10 vertical gardens you cannot miss recommended in cienciaybiología.com.

Buildings, companies or corporate headquarters already have common areas made of vertical gardens created with the aim of offering rest and relax areas, most of them used by workers or to hold meetings, thanks to their large and aired spaces with better quality air, ideal as a hygiene measure against Covid-19.

Among the many advantages of this type of gardens, we highlight their space saving, as they make good use of the verticality of walls and façades, they are used to renovate deteriorated façades by improving the urban landscape, they improve the quality of air (1m2 of vertical façade extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 per year from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen) and they help decrease the air temperature creating a fresher and more pleasant environment.

In order to carry out the installation of irrigation in these vertical gardens, versatile, light and guaranteed products are needed. Among them, Hidroten's wide fitting range suits perfectly; it has the AENOR product certification, which is a guarantee of design and operation, and is in compliance with the applicable rules.

Among its differentiating elements, we can also highlight the check valve straight coupling, a unique product in the market that prevents backflow and the emptying of the water column. Another ideal element for this type of facilitates is the long straight repair union, which may intervene in the breaking of a pipe or when two pipes are outside the levels.

Discover our videos on Hidroten's fitting range with AENOR product certification, Hidroten's fitting and check valve coupling.