Every installer strives to make sure that his work is successful and his installations are operational. But, do you know the optimal distance required between Zaspin Mecanic pipe clips y Hidroten?

In the market there are no official standards stating or specifying the distances between the fixing points in the installation of piping. On the contrary, each manufacturer, according to their own studies, provides tables based on expansions, weights and other factors, stating the recommended distance (see picture 3)

In many cases, the installer's decision is based on his own experience or on the type of installation he is working on or in the resources available at the site. For that reason, in most cases, if too much space is left between each clip or clamp, this may cause the pipes to fall due to the weight or, on the contrary, a smaller space than needed is left, for fear of an overload.

For that reason, the mechanic union Zaspin Mecanic pipe clips by Hidroten have been designed for an optimum anchorage and support of pipes in your installations. The material used in their manufacturing provides them with great mechanical and chemical resistance, and they may therefore be used both in corrosive environments and outdoors and always with the maximum guarantees. The Zaspin Mecanic pipe clips are ideal for any sector: industry, swimming pool, agriculture, water treatment, etc.

The possibility to join them mechanically offers a perfect alignment between them, providing modularity to their installation. The closing clip allows to support large loads and vibrations with the maximum safety as well as offering easy assembly.

  1. We observe the mechanic union between two Zaspin Mecanic pipe clips, which is a solid union and provides perfect alignment.
  2. This detail allows to see the use of a support to supplement, in case of need, the height of the Zaspin Mecanic.
  3. The presence of valves (or any additional load, a filter, a bypass... would also cause the same effect) makes it necessary to include additional supports, with a distance between them smaller than the one stated in the installation recommendations (see picture 3).

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