Population growth and climate change threaten food security. This is why researchers and scientists around the world are looking for solutions to the challenge of solving the current and future problems of supplying food to humans and animals.

Innovation and technological development have made possible more efficient, productive and sustainable production models.

Methodologies such as aeroponics, hydroponics, aquaponics or vertical greenhouses are examples of innovation and development in the agriculture sector. The objective is to make better use of the available surface area, while achieving greater control of the production process. This increases productivity with a more efficient use of water and fertilisers while reducing the use of pesticides.

Many systems are already well established, while others are still in experimental phases or focused on very specific sectors (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, urban agriculture). Depending on the methodology and the degree of technification, they will be more or less easy to implement and make profitable.

All these production methods will require installations that guarantee normal operation given the degree of automation involved. 

Irrigation systems require safe and innovative products, such as the Hidroten fitting range, certified by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), which guarantees design and operation, as well as compliance with the applicable standard. 

It features a new clinching ring system that makes installation much easier and quicker. The check valve straight coupling, a product that is unique on the market, stands out among the wide range offered by Hidroten. It is an essential element that prevents backflow and the emptying of vertical sections.

Another element focused on this type of installation is the long straight repair union, which can easily fix a burst pipe or cases where two pipes are out of alignment.

Discover our videos about Hidroten's range of fittings with AENOR product certification and check valve straight coupling.