The use of angle seat valves is mainly indicated for flow control applications. The linearity of the relationship between valve opening and flow rate is specially designed to achieve the regulation that other kinds of valves such as ball or butterfly valves are not able to achieve with such precision.

Within this range of valves, we highlight the "MATIC-L" control valves with rotating nut.

The new integrated nut option in the "MATIC-L" control valves allows the direct connection of the valve with solenoid valves or flow meters, being totally dismountable and avoiding joints, which facilitates the work and simplifies installations.

What are the advantages of this type of valves?

  • Allow precise control of the flow rate.
  • Offer a gradual and precise increase in the flow area.
  • Available in male threaded and glued outlet.
  • Free nut version, which facilitates the installations process.

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