The grapevine for winemaking is traditionally a rain-fed crop, a controlled water supply allows a better development of the plant that generates an increase in production. 

To avoid situations of water stress which may affect present and future yields, it is crucial to properly manage irrigation and make an adequate provision for each stage of the vegetative cycle.

The water needs of the grapevine are distributed throughout the vegetative cycle into the following way: 

44% between color change and leaf fall.
2% during winter rest.
10% between sprouting and fruit setting.
44% between curdling and leaf color change.

Water stress is as damaging as water excess in each growth phases. The exact amount will depend on factors such as variety, soil, climate, planting density, fertilization, vineyard conduction system, etc.      

The most popular irrigation system in vineyards is the drip, because it provides greater efficiency in water use. It allows to apply water and fertilizer in a localized way on the roots, in a uniform and controlled way, achieving a homogeneous and high-end product.  

At Hidroten we manufacture valves and accessories that ease the implementation and maintenance of localized irrigation facilities. In addition, our technical team can assist you on choosing the suited products and irrigation systems.

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